Unknown Binding But who was Maria Reiche? by Maria Reiche, if you would like to support our astro-archaeology research projects In 1980 Georg Petersen pointed out that Reiche's theory did not explain the different lengths and widths of the lines. | In 1949, Maria wrote a book about the lines entitled “The Mystery on the Desert”. How did cities evolve in the ancient Andes?". Maria Reiche wurde in Dresden als ältestes von drei Kindern des Amtsgerichtsrates Felix Reiche-Grosse und dessen Ehefrau Elisabeth geboren. "Mystery on the Desert" Bibliographic information. For over 50 years Maria Reiche lived at Nazca prtoecting the lines and drawings which are only visible from the air. | MarketSpace, Marine Archaeology News 2019 | Malcolm G. Leybourne by by The Human Scale An oasis between the desert and the sea, it is now occupied by huge single-crop plantations, which still use the same irrigation ditches that were dug before the arrival of the Spaniards. Astro-Archaeology News 2019, The Morien Institute Maria Reiche spent the next fifty years living on the Nazca Plain close to the area of the drawings, painstakingly mapping each one, and trying to protect them from the encroaches of modern civilisation. |, please take a look at our Ancient Mysteries Bookshoppe for a wide selection of books by Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. google_ad_width = 728; by Lone Star Lore: Myth, Mystery, and Haunted History; Manna Machine; Marfa Lights by Judith Brueske; MILABS: Mind Control & Alien Abduction; Mind Control Wars; Mummies of Short Cave Kentucky and the Great Catacomb Mystery; My Trip to Mars, the Moon, and Venus; Mystery on the desert; Pre-columbian Literatures of México; Pyramid Power Birds On The Pampa Geheimnis der Wüste / Mystery on the Desert / Secreto de la Pampa [Reiche, Maria, Illustrated] on Amazon.com. The area became a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1994. google_color_border = "000000"; 1968 Edition, "Peruanische Erdzeichen/Peruvian Ground Drawings Mai 1903 in Dresden geboren. There are line-arrangements which appear in a great variety of size categories together with very similar shapes. // Array of day names Preliminaries for a Scientific Interpretation of the Pre-Histori c Ground-Drawings of Nazca, Peru and Introduction to Their Study" An additional factor contributing to the ground remaining undisturbed for hundreds of years is that the soil contains a certain amount of gypsum which, moistened by daily morning-dew, slightly affixes every stone to its base. 2019 Skywatching Calendar | Secreto De La Pampa" Helaine Silverman Armed with a compass, a ladder-like a watchtower, and a broom, Maria Reiche was known throughout the Nazca Valley as "the woman who sweeps the desert". Reiche expressed astonishment at how the Nazca could build those kilometric lines. by Today's Google doodle honours a woman who spent her life trying to unlock the mysteries of the shapes. 92 pp., 36 pls., 7 figs. A Study of the Ancient Figures and Strange Delineated Surfaces Seen from the Air Near Nazca, Peru, Strange and immense patterns visible from the air, Figures brightened up for study and photography, Other remains of ancient peoples found among the tracings, Mystery on the Desert: A Study of the Ancient Figures and Strange Delineated Surfaces Seen from the Air Near Nazca, Peru. google_ad_channel ="6699810230"; by google_ad_height = 600; var dayNames = new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"); Schulze, Bilderbuch der Wüste - Maria R. und die Linien und Bodenzeichnungen von Nasca, Halle 2005. She died aged 95 in Peru in June 1998, and left many feeling that the great Nazca geoglyphs have lost their champion. Hardcover more information | //-->. The alien beings supposedly imparted the local people with special knowledge and technology before returning to their home planet. It is an oblique view, and can give an idea of the sheer vastness of the endeavour undertaken by the ancient people of Nazca. Images of the whale geoglyph, the bird geoglyph and the monkey geoglyph. Maria Reiche She was also known as "the witch" because nobody understood what that blonde foreigner was doing, measuring inch by inch the ancient lines carved in the earth, whose mystery remains unsolved to this day. medica peruana , 1949 - 67 Seiten So began almost a century of investigation as archeologists and amateur enthusiasts alike tried to make sense of one of the world’s greatest mysteries: the Nazca lines. & You can see this page at: ' + window.location + '\" onMouseOver="window.status=\'Send your friends e-mail about this page\'; return true" TITLE="Send your friends e-mail about this page">this page<\/A> to a friend'); google_color_url = "00CCFF"; In her book Mystery on the Desert, Maria Reiche describes a series of strange lines made by the ancient Nazea people in the plains of Peru, perhaps as early as 200 years before the time of Christ. In many respects this has been caused simply by the sheer size of the geoglyphs which can only be appreciated properly from the air. Mystery on the Desert book. Nach dem Besuch der Städtischen Studienanstalt für Mädchen in Dresden studierte sie Mathematik, Physik und Geographie an der Technischen Hochschule Dresden und schloss 1928 mit dem Staatsexamen ab. by google_ad_channel ="1949099741"; (Peoples of America)" V… Probably the best known examples of geoglyphs are the magnificent lines and drawings carved into the desert on the Nazca Plain in Peru - only able to be seen in their fullness from the air. Anthony F. Aveni, "The Cities of the google_ad_height = 90; Signed by author, "Maria And The Stars Of Nazca / Maria Y Las Estrellas De Nazca" Charles Gallenkamp Haven O'More from our Wish List, To understand why this News Page is sometimes late here is some information about Fibromyalgia, , "Pathways to the Gods: The Mystery of the Andes Lines" Geheimnis der Wüste / Mystery on the Desert / Secreto de la Pampa But Maria Reiche found an even greater consideration that appears to have been incorporated into the design layout of the whole scheme - astronomical orientation. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. The Spider Geoglyph Hardcover These mysterious lines are named as Nazca lines or Nazca lines and are still a mystery. Andriana von Hagen else return false; google_ad_client = "pub-9259018507367545"; Even Maria Reiche, after decades of research, could not come up with a satisfying explanation. Some Peruvian archaeologists share the views of Paul Korak and Maria Reiche. The Nazca geoglyphs were rediscovered by Dr Paul Kosok, and championed by Maria Reiche who wrote about them in her book entitled Mystery on the Desert. Dr. Hermann Kern This text examines the range of sites occupied by the people responsible for some of the most exquisite art and ingenious hydraulic engineering of the pre-Columbian world. They are traced in the arid soil of the desert, covering an extensive area, some 450 km 2(170 sq mi) and they are believed to be over 1,500 years old. Even when equal in size, there are, as in living beings, never two the same.". This scholarly yet accessible book provides a penetrating examination of this important civilization.". document.write('send this page<\/A> to a friend'); if(isPPC()) { google_ad_client = "pub-9259018507367545"; & geoglyphs on The lines drawn in geometric patterns and distinct animal shapes across the Peruvian desert have inspired many theories over the years. Reiche, Maria: Mystery on the Desert. With their help, in 1949 she published her theories on the Nazca Lines in her book The Mystery on the Desert. google_color_text = "FFD060"; This makes it possible to retrace the steps by which the ancient topographers laid out the accurate shapes of their complicated structures, having used stones as markers which have remained in the same place where they were put when the drawings were made. Maria Reiche We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. A smaller double spiral was found among a maze of lines. (Translator) But this Inca empire was only the final link in a chain of urban development stretching back to 2500 B.C. Reiche's theories about the lines were published in The Mystery on the Desert in 1949. About Us | google_color_bg = "000000"; | } & The Stars Of Orion Many of these shapes overlap each other in a manner that seems intitially random, but which when looked at more closely can be seen to be very much by design. Dr. Marie Reiche and Dr. Paul Kosok on Nazca desert… *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. "August","September","October","November","December"); (Preface), "Mystery on the desert: A study of the ancient figures and strange delineated surfaces seen from the air near Nazca, Peru" Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. } The aerial photograph to the left below was taken from a helicopter many hundreds of feet up in the air. For over 50 years Maria Reiche lived at Nazca prtoecting the lines and drawings which are only visible from the air. The … } Maria Reiche wurde am 15. Secreto De La Pampa - Little wonder, then, that Maria Reiche in her book, "Mystery on the Desert", quotes the original discoverer of the mysterious lines, trapezoids and geoglyphs at Nazca, Dr. Paul Kosok, as saying that in his opinion they represented: "the largest astronomy-book of the world", all quotes on these tribute pages are from : "It seems almost incredible that ground-drawings made by superifcially scratching the surface could have withstood the ravages of time and weather over such long periods. google_color_border = "000000"; "The Nasca text translation service for many worldwide languages, , , "Markings: Aerial Views of Sacred Landscapes 1949 Edition, "Geheimnis Der Wuste/ News & New Discoveries | Descripción y ensayo de interpretación” (Mystery On The Desert – a New Revelation Of Ancient Peru). Mystery on the Desert, Secreto De La Pampa, 2nd Ed [Maria Reiche] on Amazon.com. Maria Reiche continued her work from her home in the Nazca desert, where she managed to finally convince the Peruvian Air Force to aid her in creating aerial images of the mysterious carvings. | But in other cases Maria Reiche found other possible explanations: "The marvellous regularity of two spirals of which one runs inside the other was produced by winding two ropes, 150 and 130 feet long, around three posts forming a triangle. 1932 nahm sie eine Stelle als Hauslehrerin beim deutschen Konsul in Cusco, Peru, an. google_color_link = "00CCFF"; Rodger Osban, "Ancient Nasca google_color_bg = "000000"; Maria Reiche, in fact an archaeoastronomer too, ... phenomena, publishing a book on her works entitled "The Mystery on the Desert" in 1949. 1989 7th Edition Mystery on the desert/ else { document.write('Send , Home | | Maria Reiche was said to be have been so devoted to protecting the Nazca Lines, she would physically shield the figures from visitors and cars, armed with only a broom. Spirals In The Desert, Share This Page Literatur T. Morrison, Pathways to the Gods - the Mystery of the Andes, London 1987; V. Zetzsche/D. Die Linien und Bodenzeichnungen von Nasca sind eines der letzten großen Rätsel der Menschheit. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. google_color_text = "FFD060"; google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; var dt = new Date();