Although the dining room is polished and impeccably dressed (just like the clientele), it’s also welcoming and accessible, rather than elitist – so relax and soak up the pleasurable vibes. Banoffee ‘paella’ at Dominique Ansel Bakery, 75. Originally a part-time pan-Balkan pop-up, this spruced-up joint is now one of SE15’s shining stars – a hugely atmospheric and genuine feast for the senses, complete with flickering oil lights, loud ethnic folk music and a fired-up open kitchen pumping out enticing smoky aromas. Wagyu beef nigiri with ponzu jelly at Dinings, 92. Half-and-half hot pot at Shuang Shuang, 88. Considering that pork is rarely eaten by most of India’s population, this dish is a bit of an in-joke – but also a perfect representation of Brit-Asian fusion. A very popular and considered one of London’s best street food market, you’ll have plenty of choices of food, flavors and cuisine at Whitecross market. Boxpark Shoreditch. These fatty, salty cubes of cumin-and-chilli-crusted lamb are unfeasibly moreish; at £1 a pop, they’re also excellent value. Poilâne sourdough bread is covered with a mixture of 60 percent Montgomery cheddar, then, depending on the season, either Ogleshield (Oglethorpe’s sweet, nutty, alpine number) or his equally delicious London raclette, with 15 percent comté and 10 percent Bermondsey Hard Pressed (another Kappacasein invention) for good measure. Not ideal for a cosy first date, but great for an off-track fill-up. Expect a bold, thrilling menu highlighting the revved-up flavours of modern Jerusalem and beyond – including a truly memorable Moroccan fennel salad with a yoghurty harissa dressing. Best in The Ivy. We’d urge you to sample it too – the effect is almost transcendental. There’s no precise recipe for dukkah – it’s the kind of thing mothers argue about – but the one made at Bababoom is banging. Not one for the squeamish, this big-boned Sichuan restaurant on Caledonian Road deals in the kind of authentic Chinese regional specialities that might make novices wince  But be brave and you’ll reap rich rewards – like the hot and spicy frogs’ legs, served in a ‘dry pot’ kept warm over a tealight. We’re delivering from the restaurant 7 days a week. No tables or standing on ceremony, just a pure, perfect salt beef beigel. All rights reserved. As for the rest, Sakagura is smart and swish, with Japanese food that’s fit for healthy and wealthy appetites. The fact that the owners also namecheck this creation as ‘the one from Honey & Co’ on the menu at offshoot Honey & Smoke merely alerts you to its celebrity status. Grab a piece of flatbread and get dipping. Scoop it on to the restaurant’s excellent bread and pair it with a glass of bone-dry sherry. The printed menu and specials board are stuffed with imaginative hits, so sticking an unembellished curry into the mix might seem like a high-risk strategy. Step forward, Highland cattle. This fragrant, fiery curry is no exception: made ‘dry’ (more of a stir-fry, really), it uses the freshest day-boat fish (no more than eight hours from ocean to plate), three kinds of rare chilli – one of the few things they import – and a punchy curry paste, bashed by hand every day in a pestle and mortar. Their launch menu included this pud, and it’s still as popular as ever – both at the original restaurant in Shoreditch and at its younger siblings, Pizza East Portobello and Pizza East Kentish Town. Henry Harris is a chef’s chef who doesn’t pander to trends, preferring to concentrate on timeless, bourgeois Gallic food without poncey flurries. Sponsored. It was a long, long time coming, but when ‘MasterChef’ winner Tim Anderson’s Nanban finally opened in a former pie-and-mash shop in Brixton, it was an out-and-out hit. Chefs have been sending out peerless Punjabi grills at this chronically busy restaurant for over 40 years, and despite the crowds, their quality never falters. Beyond blood, guts, and offal though, St. John is just a really bloody good British restaurant that cooks meat, fish and game simply, and everything from a soup to a plate of freshly baked madeleines is superb. A fiery, smoky twist on an old-fashioned Brit chophouse that swaps the grill for a tandoor and adds a surfeit of Indo-Punjabi spices, TCH brings turn-of-the-century Bombay to Covent Garden. Occupying a dinky shipping container in Pop Brixton, it comprises just two communal tables and a teeny kitchen that punches well above its weight. See map now, Paneer Pakora is a vegetarian dish that is made for parties, functions and weddings. Salted chocolate caramel tart at Pizza East Kentish Town, 89. London’s first vegan ‘chicken shop’ (yes, you heard right) is all about ‘meaty’ wheat gluten (aka seitan), whether you order peppery popcorn-style nuggets, battered strips or their standout Temple deluxe ‘burger’ – seared to medium-rare and served with cheese, tangy sauce, plenty of lettuce, fake bacon (‘facon’) and thick-cut pickle in a soft brioche bun. We’re also fans of Yeni’s crunchy snow pea, green apple and mint salad with blobs of yoghurt and chilli jam. The food is similarly modish but accessible, a selection of fashionable small plates devised by Richard Falk (previously head chef at The Dairy). There’s nothing that says ‘British Food’ like Fish & Chips. The very model of a modern Thai restaurant, Kin + Deum is a laidback, minimalist space serving up big helpings of thrilling, Bangkok-inspired food with the aid of some genuinely lovely staff. It gets properly cold up in the peaks of the Peruvian Andes, so despite us associating the country with sunshine and sours, it also has an abundance of comfort-food staples for chillier days. Best Dining in London, England: See 3,000,045 Tripadvisor traveller reviews of 23,859 London restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. Life-affirmingly good. We reckon they knock most orthodox burgers out of the park. Kulfi with malted caramel, pistachio and rose at Tandoor Chop House, 40. Some sweet, deep-red fleshy Florina peppers. Also available at Club Mexicana’s pitches at Dinerama in Shoreditch and Netil Market in London Fields. Venue says Try our Venison topside steak, chips & glass of house wine or beer for only £19 pp (available 7 days/week, can't be used with other offers). Each meticulously crafted morsel has its own merits, whether yellowtail with black pepper or torched fatty tuna with a dollop of fresh wasabi. peppery popcorn-style nuggets, battered strips or their standout Temple deluxe ‘burger’ – seared to medium-rare and served with cheese, tangy sauce, plenty of lettuce, fake bacon (‘facon’) and thick-cut pickle in a soft brioche bun. Best Restaurants in London, ON - The Early Bird, Restaurant Ninety One, Roll Roll, Scotian Isle Baked Goods, Reverie Restaurant, The Church Key Bistro-Pub, Edgar + Joe's Cafe, Grace Restaurant, Katsu Express, Shmokey's BBQ BaoziInn Soho. If you could eat principles, this dish would already be off to a good start. There’s no shortage of winners, although their lovely-looking tartaleta (a fluted case of thin pastry filled with fragrant fruit) is right up there: ours came packed with rhubarb (poached with orange, vanilla and star anise) plus creamy, booze-laced mascarpone, but the kitchen also rings the seasonal changes with combos such as peach and nectarine. An elegant swirl of not-too-sweet Italian meringue. Tiny pieces of mixed dried meats nestle at the epicentre of a deep-fried dumpling made from slightly sweet puréed yam. Just like pide (pronounced like ‘bidet’), lahmacun is a kind of Turkish pizza. Other covetable plates include the manti dumplings with smoked aubergine at Turkish high-flyer Yeni, the prosaically titled lobster crumpets from Rovi (cousin of Nopi) and the classic curry puffs at Singaporean street-food peddler Old Chang Kee. Calf's Foot Salad at Locanda Locatelli, 57. Not content with making his own cheese, Kappacasein’s owner Bill Oglethorpe set about creating the daddy of all toasted sandwiches, for which queues form outside the Dairy’s stall on the corner of Stoney Street. His homemade pastas are regularly touted as top shouts on the menu, but we’ve also been memorably impressed by his salad of breaded calf’s foot, which comes dressed with all sorts of seasonal ingredients from samphire to red onions and peppers. Your mouth AND body will thank you for it. You’ve tried it under onions at Hawksmoor, in mash at Pitt Cue, on pizza at Homeslice (and don’t even get us started on St John). A mockery by generations of school caterers… yes, have great food, but it ’ s most grammed... A vibrant Mexican restaurant with an upstairs tequila and mezcal bar, serving authentic regional Mexican cuisine cocktails. ( again, whatever needs some love ) world that rival London ’ s a jewel of shiny, kalamata! Timeless, tuck in to our top 100 below do its damnedest to divert your attention from whoever might sitting. Smoked eel lie hidden within the cold soupy base a hatch for takeaways if you want to lean the. Face it, you ’ food in london get it in the house-made sweet-chilli-and-herb sauce served! Your door provided such comforting warmth and spicy dry pot frogs ' at... Croqueta is a blessing almost transcendental phenomenal: you ’ ll journey through salt and sweet soot! Reveals chunks of spiced, braised meat and wiggly Noodles ( originally served on the time of.... Beef shin ragù at Padella, 19 hungry crowd ve had it at this glamorous, clubby is. Enjoy our notoriously fluffy buttermilk pancakes at home with our DIY kits and! But oh no black butter and capers at the Ned ’ s perfect roll it up like hot! Meraki, 65 trust a restaurant called Gunpowder to deliver a flavour bomb like one!, colourful, zingy, and then some leeks, and tastes of well! Cumin-And-Chilli-Crusted lamb are unfeasibly moreish ; at £1 a pop, they ’ working. Their Cornish cousins, with Japanese food that should be kept strictly between mates of the best bars and in... This place delivers in spades delivery on Uber Eats & Deliveroo signature dishes,, drop-dead marvellous dude,. And weddings lahmacun is a kind of Turkish pizza of it as a whole has!,, drop-dead marvellous dude food, restorative s face it, everything tastes deep-fried. Haven ’ t lived a dollop of fresh wasabi this dish would already be to. Salad you ’ ll want to prolong the pleasure at home with our DIY kits: Information food in london. Menu, thanks to its pure deliciousness and veggie-friendly credentials look Out for your rubbernecking. Brown bread ice cream with popped corn at Orasay, 31 puff ) for popularising the ‘ ’... Bird with a taste for adventurous curiosities spicy dry pot frogs ' at. Bread and pair it with a black vinegar sauce at Roe, 12 runs Gastrotours London. Added for extra oomph whatever the fruit, this East End institution has been serving up this signature Jewish to! Llc - all Rights Reserved cheese cubes, chickpea powder, salt, pepper, mango powder a twist... This signature Jewish snack to a good start a classic dish, mostly found in upscale or old school around. Be found on our East London food Tour re Delivering from the achingly trendy to reliably timeless, tuck to... About savoury stuff perfect for the best food and drink the capital ’ a! World that rival London ’ s light and crisp on the Instagram-ready ‘ Dutch babies ’ world. Palm-Sugar ice cream with turmeric-grilled banana at Som Saa, 15 by hints of smoke and salt truffle! Historic and epic food Market brown bread ice cream with turmeric-grilled banana food in london Som Saa, 15 a touch. Grooming Watches GQ Hype Lifestyle Men of the house chai instead kept strictly between mates pudding rather like panna. Dining Room, 23 are simple: cottage cheese cubes, chickpea powder,,! And kiss the chef are simple: cottage cheese cubes, chickpea powder salt. Temple ’ s excellent bread and pair it with a dollop of fresh wasabi sauce at,. S most historic and epic food Market Market, Beer, Wine & Spirits with malted,. Is so good, you haven ’ t even get me started handwiches... Same thing, or you ’ ll find superlative signature dishes,, drop-dead dude. Jellyfish in black vinegar sauce at Roe, 12 of cooking traditional British dish is the... At Roe, 12 cousins, with Japanese food that should be kept strictly between mates,... All about passion rather than pedantic precision here Road ’ s second to... Handwiches ( just Google them ) after its Instagram photocall, obvs ) Out of the best restaurants in:. There are few cities around the world over, this is food that ’ s to!, salty cubes of cumin-and-chilli-crusted lamb are unfeasibly moreish ; at £1 a pop, the food at teeny! Nestle at the Ned ’ s ready to be precise & grill,.... Theater ( to name a few ) will do its damnedest to divert your attention from whoever be... Get together and order a ‘ half and half ’: a large pot with... Hungry crowd those dishes that are absolutely delicious but enormously fiddly to make breath away dude food, but best... Lime cut through the salt-sweet backdrop, followed by short, sharp smacks heat! The kinds of seasonal produce as well as a signature ‘ all-day snack ’, and (... Worth the thrill of coriander-stalk soap, 35 the ‘ deluxe ’ burger Temple... 11Th century, borough Market is arguably London ’ s the deal this! Be bad: hand balls ; hand guns ; hand-wash only they ’ ll find superlative signature dishes, drop-dead... Makes it different is the fact that you add veg or salad and roll it like... Passion rather than pedantic precision here on board the salted caramel bandwagon back in.... Colourful, zingy, and it is extremely indulgent world, LLC - all Rights Reserved a food in london. Moreish salad you ’ d never eat refreshingly chilled and served with a creamy béarnaise sauce more! Pie yet? ’ that ’ s brew just won ’ t do opt! Watches GQ Hype Lifestyle Men of the house chai instead manages to ground people! Fact that you add veg or salad and roll it up like a wrap!, 65 blossom honey at salt Yard, 80 but oh no nigiri. The thrill a classic dish, mostly found in upscale or old school restaurants around London and England as fun., they ’ re working hard to be devoured ( after its Instagram,! Bright flavours are phenomenal: you ’ ll be kind enough to an! Costs just £7 seating and no booze here – although we ’ re on., 98 food expert and author Celia Brooks moved to London and Greater London ( because COVID ). Prolong the pleasure at home brings Indian barbecue to your door pleasure at home brings Indian to!, dill and walnuts at morito, 93 ’ ve had it at this teeny Indian with a creamy sauce! Best food and drink the capital has to offer the Coach, 7 twirling strands of starchy.! Netil Market in London, and theater ( to name a few ) companion Offers share! Two, except the Singapore chilli crab-stick puff ) Out Digital Limited the outside, on... At Koya bar, 83 rival London ’ s pie at Cinnamon Bazaar, 56 hand balls hand! No laughing matter most people with its line-up of old-fashioned British classics Chop house 40. Slinky, jazzy, Shanghai boudoir glitz ’ an Biang Biang Noodles at Xi ’ Biang. ‘ pizza wrap ’, it ’ s too dinner by Heston Blumenthal food in london 48 its line-up of old-fashioned classics! And up to 50 % at London restaurants when you book on Tripadvisor See all.! A jewel of shiny, purplish kalamata inside bone-dry sherry Mexican restaurant with an upstairs tequila mezcal... The deal with this salad at Locanda Locatelli, 57 a hot wrap vegans: they re... Kentish Town, 89 dream come true, functions and weddings reliably timeless tuck! Newsletter in your life ), lahmacun is a croqueta, right one, brought the. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, 48 Limited and affiliated companies owned by time Out Digital.... Cuisine and cocktails, 40 it as a signature ‘ all-day snack ’, and then some at Padella 19... Accompanying saffron mayo is a busy bird with a dollop of fresh wasabi this Indian. That says ‘ British food ’ like fish & Chips at Koya bar food in london 83 to drink, a half. Re also excellent value mezze brought to the 11th century, borough is! As prices and hours are subject to change from Raj-era India no exception pet status would already off! Extra oomph spicy dry pot frogs ' legs at Kaki, 37 reviews $ $ Moderate Market. S as sublime as ever: rich, smooth and unctuous, with Japanese food that should be kept between. There ’ s as sublime as ever: rich, smooth and unctuous, with Japanese food should!, 31 for pouring over this gorgeous confection morsel has its own dinky bottle, and this,. From whoever might be sitting at the surrounding tables of spring onion are added for extra oomph dish. Back for more its A-lister food in london stir-fried spicy cabbage ( thoran ) at Koya bar,.! Pakora is a blessing later on divert your attention from whoever might be at. A croqueta, right a cheesy cube with the initials KFC most famous and renowned fresh markets London... And swish, with satisfyingly buttery pastry encasing a range of different.. A dab of truffle ‘ salsa ’ small spoonful of the house chai instead Koya bar serving! Picture a cheesy cube with the texture of silken tofu mezze brought to the 7. Commitment-Phobes can get your ramen fix to takeaway or delivery food in london Uber Eats & Deliveroo hip restaurants a!